Can I SLI two gtx 780 classified's?

I have a CX750w Corsair PSU. Would this be okay? I'm not sure if I should increase the wattage to 850 or higher. I'm not OC'ing either card.

System specs:
ASUS Sabertooth z77 Mobo
One GTX 780 classified
cx750w Corsair
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  1. 750W would probably be a bit short. 850W would be safer.
  2. If it was an HX or TX it would be just fine but with a CX is going to be cutting it close. The CX's aren't bad for a budget power supply but I wouldn't want to load one up very much.
  3. So a TX850w corsair should suffice?
  4. Yes it will be enough.
  5. Best answer
    A tx850 would be a great choice.
  6. Awesome. Thanks you both for the quick responses
  7. No problem, we're here for that, sir !
    Remember to pick your solution.
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