Wireless Network Adapter or USB Dongle?

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  1. I am not familiar with the brand names of the adapters, however, the PCI card has two antennas, so I would assume the connectivity would be better as compared to the dongle with one antenna. If the router is in the same room, or close to the same room with limited obstructions, I wouldn't think there would be a huge difference.

    If you are utilizing the cards for a very heavy network bandwidth usage (i.e. copying a lot of files, database processing, etc) or there is a distance between the router and your pc's location, I would get the card.
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    Also remember - wireless connections are "UP TO" speeds - you don't always get a steady stream of that bandwidth.
  3. Wireless PCI adapters are generally better because the bus speed is faster, so the connection between the card and computer is faster and should not be a bottleneck. This is more an advantage with the newer Wireless AC technology.

    USB adapters have the advantage of portability and ease of swap-out :)
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