Can't connect to my FTP server while running VPN software. Is there a better way and more secure way of accessing my server?

I have a FTP server (Asus RT-AC66u with a 3TB usb hard drive plugged in)
I have no problem accessing it using FileZilla on a PC or using ES File Explore on my Android phone.

I showed my boss my setup because he is interested in a setup like mine. He asked if i t was secure. I told him other that having a username and password to get into the server, it is probably not. His issue is the data going back and forth. He wants that data secure or encrypted and not falling into the wrong hands(I.e. hacker) I told him it may be somewhat secure if you use VPN software. I use Private Internet Access as my VPN software. I tried it on my computer and it didn't connect to my FTP server. I tried it on my phone and it didn't connect either. Does any one have a fix or a solution for this problem.

I'm not a noob at this but I am not an expert either. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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  1. So lets say I am in Chicago and my router/server is in San Francisco. I would connect /login to the server via the router's VPN service?
    A PPTP tunnel.

    My laptop to Hotel wifi >>> hotel wifi to the hotels ISP >>>Hotel ISP to world wide web/internet to my house's ISP >>>my house's ISP to my router's VPN >>> routers VPN to my local network/usb storrage(shared folder).

    If that's the case do I really need my FTP server since the same folder that is used for my FTP is also shared locally on my LAN?
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