For Video Editing: Is partioning my SSD for OS/programs and also for video editing cache files a good idea for speed?

I am building a video editing PC. I only have money for one SSD. I have 2 other 7200 rom drives to use on this project.

My question is;

Does it make sense to put my OS and programs on the SSD or to install my OS and programs on one of the 7200 drives and use the SSD for my video editing project cache files? OR... to partition the SSD and use one partition for OS and programs and the other SSD partition for my video editing cache files?

I don't care how long it takes to boot my PC or how long it takes to open programs. I need speed for my editing and rendering and video transcoding.

Sony Vegas Pro 10
After Effects

256GB SSD drive
8GB of quick memory
More than enough processor power
quick 7200rpm 7200 Hard drive
2TB 7200GB hard drive for storage

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    Personally, you could do either one. If you have a Boot Drive (OS & Programs) on an SSD, that will minimize starting your OS start up time and Program Start up times. It also helps the programs to run faster. If you use the SSD for a cache drive, it will make it run faster. If you have a cache drive on the SSD, it may bottleneck the Software so it won't be as fast as you would hope. You may also want to look at SSHD for a boot drive for the are cheap and fast (more expensive than a HDD, but slower than a SSD, but well worth the price).
    This is what I would do:
    Get a SSHD for the boot drive, and use the SSD for the cache drive.
    You could always get a SSHD for the plain files on your computer and you can get a 1TB one for about $100.
  2. Thanks for the input. I have not thought about the SSHD drives as of yet. I will look into it. :)

    I wonder if running my editing programs and OS on a SSD will really make a noticeable difference in operating speed of my editing software. I don't care about the start up times.
  3. OS and important programs on the SSD, everything else on the HDD pretty much. If you have storage space left over on the SSD (which you should, 256GB is plenty IMO), stick your scratch disk on the SSD and you should notice a fairly decent boost to performance in your applications.

    Dont bother partitioning the drive, wont make any difference performance wise.
  4. I would place the editing program on an SSD and use one of the HDDs as the scratch disk. Depending on the editing program you use it may create media cache files. Between the source files and the cache files it will consume more disk space than you think. I use Premiere Pro and have it set up with the program on the SSD, one HDD for the scratch disk and a second HDD to store exported files. Before purchasing an SSD I had the program on an HDD and Premiere does load much faster from the SSD as well as the OS and other programs.
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