Need help for choosing between 3 RAM kits

Hi guys, I'm building a gaming rig. And need help for choosing a ram. These are the 3 options:

Which is the best between these?:

The Kingston HyperX Predator is the cheapest one. I'll be using it with i5-4670K. The Kingston is 1.65V so will be there a problem or everything will be fine. Also is Kingston HyperX Predator good for gaming ?

If I get Predator I'll have money for CM TX3 EVO.

Hope you will answer all of my questions & thanks in advance. :)
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  1. I don't like going 1.65 unless the freq is at least 2133, I'd suggest looking at the GSkill Snipers 1866/9 1.5, and with OC headroom if you were to want it
  2. I don't have it in my country. :( I won't overclock the ram I'll jut enable XMP profile.
  3. Still would look for a 1.5 set in 1866
  4. But, you mean Predator is bad? Will the 1.65V do damage or what?
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    You can use them, just saying I wouldn't , to me needing high voltage for 1866 is indicative of weak memory chips, I like DRAM 1866 and below at 1.5 with a CPU at stock freq
  6. Well what If i go with the 1600 1.5V? Is it the better solution?
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