painting the plastic on motherboards?

is it legal and safe to paint the plastic on a motherboard(like the msi xpower witch is yellow and i prefer red)
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  1. Well its legal for sure :L
  2. Legal? Yes.
    Safe? That depends on your skills.
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    No.. completely illegal to paint your motherboard...
    If you paint it and connect to internet. CIA/Interpol etc can use PRISM to detect such things and they will be on to you like a shot... terrorism activities take second place to tracking down people who paint their motherboards!!!
    You have been warned....
    I now better lie low.. they will be on to me for even telling you about it!!!

    Good luck
    Over and out!!!.
  4. as far as I'm aware the mb id coated in an insulating lacquer . You'd need to make sure it didnt melt in a fresh layer of paint , and you'd need to make sure the new paint would stick to it

    an then you should give the idea up as insane because it really really is
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