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I'm trying to find the right PSU. I have the case and motherboard i just don't know what to look at in these specs to find the correct psu.
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  1. Any other Specs? Because motherboard and case alone isn't going to help us give you the advice you need.
  2. Depends on what the other parts of your computer are.
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    The two biggest power draws in a PC are the CPU and the GPU if any. If you'll be using the IGP, then any of the good 300W+ units will be fine. If you'll be using a single GPU, then you'll probably need a good 450W or so. This greatly depends on the GPU. If you'll be running two or more GPUs then either the new 650W gold units, or a 750W or more will be needed. A case uses no power (fans some, but not much.) and a motherboard is around 10W last I looked. This is nothing compared to the 125W CPUs that are out there.
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