Games Crashing, Is my card just bad?

Hello community!

I built a computer almost a year ago after receiving some great advice from all of you so thank you for that! Problem I'm running into at this point is the games I'm playing seem to be slowing down too much even though I feel like my build is pretty good.

I usually max out the graphics on my games because I like gaming with good graphics (as most people do). I'm posting a link to my computer build so hopefully you all will get a good idea of why I'm having the following problems.

Crysis 3 will just crash my entire system. Mirror's Edge runs at 8-10 fps (I feel like it shouldn't even be that intense of a game). I am running 2 monitors, one off of the video card, and the smaller one off of the motherboard. Should I be running both off of the video card? Is the i5 just not a good enough processor or is the 7870 just not a good video card?

*Side note, I've been using a stock cpu fan from intel, is that a horrible idea?
*Update: Drivers for the graphics card are up to date.

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  1. I run the same CPU and stock fan, and it's no problem unless you are seriously overclocking it. That's probably not an issue. The 7870, from what I know, isn't typically a card you max graphics out on games and expect 40-60 average fps. You will probably have to go down to medium or maybe high for that kind of frame rate on that card. The rest of your system is great, but the 7870 is not really a beast of a card. That's going to be your bottleneck in fps in your PC. Cheers mate!
  2. if your getting a hard crash then therer is something wrong with your system, those components are fast enough and should be able to keep well above 25fps in most games maxed out. The stock intel i5 cpu cooler is not really adequate under full load, the cpu will throttle back especially if your in a moderately warm climate. but i doubt its the cause of any crashes. Maybe a hdd fault, ram fault, motherboard fault, or gpu fault.
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    Hello... Passmark HD7870 =4245 Passmark HD4000 =465... what are you running thru your second monitor? if its the game... please disable the IGT in Bio's and run both monitors thru the HD7870... I feel you have a very balanced system if your not trying to use the CPU/HD4000 in Dual monitor Gaming mode.

    Do you know your Computer temps? this is summer, so everthing will run hotter, and some components have temperature/speed/performance reduction firmware.

    Crysis has always been known to bring video cards to their Knees... what modes/resolutions/settings are you trying to use? sometimes you need to reduce settings and just Play and have Fun.
  4. I'm running at about 70 degress celcius on the video card during a burn in test. Thank you for all the replies. I usually only game in my monitor that is on the video card.
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