HP vs. Asus Laptop

Laptop 1:
Hewlett Packard
A10-5750M with 1TB 8 RAM
and 8650G HD
7200 RPM


Laptop 2:
i5-3337u with 750GB 8GB RAM and Intel GMA HD
5400 RPM

This laptop will be used mostly for things like Microsoft Word and Excel as well as watching tons of YouTube videos. Won't be used much for gaming as I'm trying to stay away from video games
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    Think I'd go Asus, rather have a true CPU in a laptop rather than an APU, plus the 3337 is more powerful
  2. Probably going Asus. Will I be able to play games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim on the lowest settings with the GMA HD though? And all i5 have boost up to 2.7 GHz right?
  3. I noticed that the i5 has 512 KB cache as opposed to 3MB cache... Does this make a difference?
  4. The more cache, the better, but it in itself is not a deal breaker.

    The A10 is slightly better in performance. The i5 is a more 'efficient' CPU though. On the flip side, the iGPU in the A10 is better than the iGPU in the i5, though that may not make much of a difference to you if you are abstaining from gaming.

    I actually have to say that you will get more bang for your buck out of the HP.

    Is this site reliable? If the difference is the CPU is minimal then wouldn't it be better to go with HP and get more HDD and more GPU? What do you guys think?
  6. Alright I'll just go with the Asus. The crappy graphics card has me sold. It'll prevent me from playing games even if I wanted to Lol. Plus I think intel and Asus would be more reliable than AMD and HP. Hopefully this laptop lasts me 5 years
  7. I think you'll be happy with it
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