Is my 6 year old 500W PSU enough?

Hi all, I've been having many problems with my PC ever since I upgraded most of the hardware...
I kept my old PSU (HEC 500W - about 6 yrs old) but upgraded/added the following: 500GB HDD (WD "Black" added to an existing Seagate 320GB HDD), GPU: Power Color 7770 1GB (upgraded from 9800GT 512MB), new MoBo: 890GM Pro3 R2.0; CPU Phenom 2 720BE (slightly OC to 3.1GhZ) and Kingston 2x 4GB RAM (nothing fancy just the regular RAM sticks). Also added a separate sound card (ASUS Xonar PCIe 1.0).
PC hangs often and crashes often, If I play games like NBA 2k13; Batman Arkham City, Need for Speed, etc, the games often crash, hang or do something weird.
I've removed the extra 500GB HDD and re-installed the OS (Win 7) and drivers multiple times, to the point that it is a little stable for normal desktop stuff like Office and browsing, but gaming is still a problem. I'm starting to think my PSU is not giving enough juice... but upgrading it is pretty expensive... still if I have to I will... what do you think?
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  1. without doing any research im gonna jump the gun and say get a new one
  2. is it a raptor?
  3. Liam Joyce said:
    is it a raptor?

    Yes.. if remember correctly.. Haven't looked at it in a while. :)
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    I think you might want to change your PSU, a 6 year old PSU is pretty old and could fail at anytime. You can get a CX 430 for $24 with mail in rebates or something even higher than that. The watt does is not the only indication of whether or not it is right for your rig, its just how much your 12V rails can deliver.
  5. I suppose it is time to change it... I'll save up for a Seasonic perhaps 600 to 700W range. Thanks Azureworld and Liam Joyce!
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