Which of these video cards are best for my system?


Which of these video cards would match up well with my Q6600 oc'ed to 2.9 ghz?

GTX 470 for 79 dollars
MSI 460 GTX Hawk for 59 or 69 dollars, forget which one
Gainward 570 GTX Phantom for 127 dollars
MSI 560 GTX Twin Frozen for 59 or 69 dollars, forget which one
ASUS 550TI GTX (ENGTX550TI DC T) for 59 dollars
GTX 260 for 69 dollars
GIGABYTE 260 GTX OC (GV-N260C-896H) for 49 dollars
MSI 6870 Storm ll 1G for 99 dollars

Please put in order from best to worst.

I will use this system as a back up to my system I am building and will probably keep this system in the bedroom.

I will play games,video editing, 3D design and rendering.

This will probably be used to help with rendering with the newer pc I will build.

I have a 750watt power supply with a 54 for the 12v rail I believe.
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    the 570 is the best there, i wouldnt go for the 260 gtx nor the 550ti for the price and neither the 6870, so id say the 470 may be the best deal for performance to cost, but the 560 is prob better as its newer and is cheaper. So ending ill say the 560gtx is the best cost to performance choice and the 570 being the best performer on the list. If u want a list lowest to best.

    260<550ti<6870<460<560<470<570. again id consider the 560 and 470 to be even as even though one is a model number below the other its also a generation newer
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