One long beep every cupple of seconds no display

i have just installed new 2x2GB DDR2 1.8V RAM (i have 2x1GB DDR2 1.8V RAM installed as well from before).
So my problem is,if i leave my PC on for let's say the night when i'm downloading something,when my screen turns off,i can't get it to turn back on. The only way to get it back to work is to restart the PC.
I am pretty sure i have 1.8V since the RAM i had before alro required 1.8V.
Everything worked fine before i installed this new RAM 2 days ago.
I have checked if every RAM is seated well and it seems that it is,my PC shows all of my RAM as well.
Please help
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    Take the RAM out and see if it behaves as it used to
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