AMD Radeon HD 7850 problem (?)

So yesterday I got this card and it's pretty awesome. Everything's working fine while playing BF3 on Ultra details (min. 50fps, max ~120fps). But when I'm playing CS 1.6 FPS drop hard. Usually I have around 100fps but when I'm playing on mods like zombiemod or smth like that my FPS rate drops even to 15fps dunno why.
I had GTS 250 previously and the lowest amount of fps I had while playing CS 1.6 was around 40 but back then I couldn't even launch BF3 on ultra details o.O
This is pretty weird. If anyone knows how to fix it, please help.

I know my english sucks but I hope you will get the point of this.
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  1. Well not sure about this but if i remember correctly source engine are based on opengl and i heard opengl stuff usually better on nvidia. Idk about now maybe people with amd card that play the game can help you
  2. Since it is when you're playing mods, what cpu are you using?

    @above that's incorrect. The contrary, opengl is mostly better supported on AMD cards.
  3. i5 750 2.67GHz
  4. Maybe it's your connection?
  5. My connection can make my fps drop o_O ? Even if it is possible, I don't have any problems with my connection. My average ping is ~40 so I'm pretty sure that connection isn't an answer.


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