Need advice on first PC build, an upgradeable budget intel desktop

Hello everyone,
I'll start off with I'm not too computer savvy anymore, I have not been following the newest computer hardware for about 8 years now lol. That being said its time to upgrade my decade old hunk of junk. I'd like to build an upgradeable computer with a certain budget in mind. I'm trying to get the finished build around 900$ with out a graphics card. Since my budget is around 1000$, I figured I should save about 100 to have someone put this thing together.

Here is my pc part picker link:

I figured I can upgrade video card, SSD drive, and more ram as I go along. I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc, I also have a geforce 620 that I may put in. Do you see any problems with my build or know of any other ways to shave off money without losing performance?

*EDIT* Forgot to add, this computer is mostly for web/games, mostly CS:GO right now but will probably try new games once I have a computer that can run them.

Looking to purchase in about 2 weeks.

Thanks for viewing/input :)
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    Get this. Or come back in two weeks:) Price is going up and down so fast that not sure if this is good price / performance build anymore in two weeks.

    PCPartPicker part list:

    Haha did you look this video cause you did pick up the MSI mobo :)

    I just think gigabyte is better quality for good price.

    And if HT + 8 tread are must for you. In your cpu.. Then good build is like this.
    PCPartPicker part list:
    This build you can use 450-550w psu. This 750 was just now really goor price.

    1155 build is older but still it works really well. Price in USA for xeon 1230V3 is so high that is better buy old 1155 xeon 1230V3. Only thing you lose is iGPU and this you can NOT OC. But cpu is really fast is like 4770 but no iGPU and iit is much cheaper.

    Look this:
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