No video output (no Boot?), but fans and lights.

I am building my first computer. I followed several tutorials but used the newegg one most heavily. I breadboarded my mobo, cpu, gpu, ram, and cpu fan. I had success and it booted.
After installing everything into the case I got no video output, but fans and lights come on. I followed the "No POST", "system won't boot", and "no video output" checklist. And as part of it took everything out of my case. I set up the bread board again and Im still having no luck.

Any suggestions?

I have no inbuilt speaker but have one on order.

Motherboard: Z87-G45
CPU: intel i5 4760k
GPU: evga geforce gtx 760
RAM: 1x 8gb kingston hyper X red
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  1. Try restarting the process: reseat the CPU, reinstall the CPU cooler (clean the old paste an reapply new one), single RAM stick, GPU, DVD drive. keyboard and mouse.
  2. I have decided to go and pick up an internal speaker from a shop instead of waiting for the delivery. I will start again a fresh. Would not having a keyboard and mouse connected affect things?
  3. Mouse not. Not sure about the keyboard.
  4. I didn't have a keyboard connected when I did my test boot.
  5. Not sure if you would not get the video without a keyboard. But you can test.
  6. I tested. No change.
  7. Have you reinstalled the CPU? And have you connected the case speaker?
  8. I went out to get a speaker. No beeps. I'll start reinstalling cpu now.
  9. After reinstalling, start the boad only with CPU and CPU fan installed. You should get the beeps signaling no RAMs.
  10. I am terirbly sorry for wasting your time. I have fixed the issue. I was plugging my hdmi cable into my motherboards hdmi port as opposed to my GPUs hdmi out. I feel such an idiot. I hope somebody else sees this after experiencing the same problem so my stupidity wasnt in vain!
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