7950 vs 7870 ghz better bang for the buck

Which offers better performance to price? Assume the following prices $160 for 7870 ghz and $200 for 7950
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  1. A 7950 for $200 is better bang for buck!
  2. The 7870 has the better bang for buck if it has enough overall performance for you.
    But the 7950 is by no means a bad buy.
  3. 7870 vs 7950
    Price difference of 25% but in many cases there isn't enough performance to warrant the price, but it is pretty close.
  4. the 7870 if you get a decent one with good cooling, when overclocked can surpass the 7950 and match a 7970 at 1200mhz core.
  5. 7950 is 25% more expensive than the 7870. And the performance difference between a 7870 and 7950 has got to be no more than 10% faster. So, bang for buck is the 7870.
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    Yeah but a -7870 will not max out all games @1080p now some might try and argue this hopefully not but if so i will prove it both cards can overclock beast usually however there is no guarantee overclock unless it's a factory one as long as your not planing on buying a reference model i would say if you're going to get a card you should get the best you can afford anytime you're upgrading i don't see any point to sell yourself sort of the better over all card
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