How much VRAM do I need for Triple Display's?

Just curious as to if i need a 4GB MSI 760 or a 2GB Im going to be playing Minecraft and other games some demanding on one monitor at 1080P and the other two monitors for Chrome,Skype ,Editing,Etc. also at 1080P?
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  1. The 2GB memory is fine, if you were going to use all 3 monitors for the game then there might be some use having the larger memory.
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    in bf3 i tend to use 1.5GB of my 2GB card at 1920x1080, if your going to play newer high end games on triple monitors, go for the higher capacity card.

    if your only ever going to be playing games on a single monitor and using the other 2 as ancillary monitors then the 2GB will be fine, but if you wanted the option to triple monitor in a game the 4GB would be more suitable.
  3. get a 2gb 760. auxillary monitors that arent for gaming will not need extra vram. if you were to game on all three panels, get a 780 instead. more vram on a card will not help you with higher resolutions as the GPU itself isnt powerful enough to drive it
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