How to access all RAM slots in Toshiba Satellite P70?

My Toshiba Satellite P70 has four RAM slots. Two RAM slots can be easily reached, there's just a cover on the bottom. Can anyone guide me how to access the other two slots? Maybe with a picture guide? Many thanks.
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  1. They are usually under the keyboard, since they are listed accessible only by an authorized service provider.
    Picture of the motherboard from the CPU side
  2. Thanks for the link. Clicking on the link, I'm getting a 404 page not found. Any idea how to get to that RAM slot?
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    tsteiner90 said:

    Thanks for the link. Clicking on the link, I'm getting a 404 page not found. Any idea how to get to that RAM slot?

    Odd works for me, anyway the link i just a picture of the motherboard showing the top 2 slots for ram.
    Most likely you'll have to get either the bottom or top covers off completely, but can't really tell how exactly that is done.
    I was trying to find a service manual or something but no luck.
  4. Strange, the link works now.

    Ok the picture looks wrong. The ports are wrong. Maybe this is a generic picture.

    Anyway, I'll mark your answer as correct. It has to be under the keyboard. It's a pity I don't have a guide or a manual.
  5. Ya, most laptops put the initial two ports under the keyboard, so not so easy or advisable to access them. So, when you first buy a laptop, know how much ram you want to get, best to get two 8GB dimms just in case. Although, even if you have 2 4GM dimms, you can still go up to 16 which really should be enough for anyone.

    Of course, the real issue of not being able to access the other dimms so easy is that you can see their #'s so you can get the exact equivalent ram to prevent potential issues if you get the wrong expansion ram.
  6. Hey, had the same question for a while. Today I found out by trial and error and my laptop is a bit damaged for it, since the screws were hidden under rubbers on the back and I thought it would open through the keyboard. Later tonight I found this:

    It's not a guide to get there specifically, but it'll do the trick. If I'm not in time to help you at least I hope I can help others that felt lost like us. Cheers
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