Athlon II x4 750k bottleneck hd 7750

Just a simple question, is there going to be some bottleneck if I get Athlon II x4 750k paired with HD 7750 1gb DDR5 Powercolor graphic card?
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  1. Not at all. It'll be fine.

    Just don't expect to run 1080p and very high settings in most modern games with that GPU.
  2. That combo balances out pretty good. You will be fine for low to medium settings on newer titles @ 1080p.
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    definitely not even if it was paired with 7870 and overclocked to atleast 4.2-4.5GHz it wouldn't bottleneck
  4. Thank you all, I prefer playing some light games but I will change GPU in future if I have some more ca$h :D
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