Display stuck on vga mode, need help to return it to normal


Recently, i've had to hard reboot my computer twice because it would not wake up from hibernate mode. But for some reason, now that i've done this, my display is stuck on vga mode. I've checked device manager, uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers for my 660(which seems to be working properly) and am now out of ideas. Could anyone help?
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  1. Ninjawithagun said:
    It's a setting on your monitor and not your computer. Go into the monitor's OSD menu and select Input, then select DVI (or whatever your main input is). Just make sure your computer is on and providing a video signal to the monitor. If manually setting the input does not work, try unplugging your monitor for 30 seconds and then plug it back in to see if that resets the monitor input interface to "Auto Detect". Also, check the physical connection of the cable going into the monitor as well as the connector going to your video card.

    I tried this, though there was no option to select an input, though I remember in the change screen resolution screen, there used to be additional options as opposed to simply vga.
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