770 4Gb vs 2GB (3D surround + 3D Vision)

Hello fellows, I want upgrade my setup, Buying 2x GTX 770 (probably the lightning for 2gb and TF 4GD5 for 4gb, both MSI)

I already have 2x Monitor with 3D Vision Ready and will be 3 in future.

My question is:

2x GTX 770 Lightning (2gb) can handle with 3D surround and 3D vision ? Or is better to take 2x TF 4GD5 with 4gb to do that ?

I Also need to know if my Power Supply is ok with that.

My actually setup:

MB: P8P67
CPU: i7-2600k 3.4ghz (with Thermaltake Frio)
RAM: 16gb Patriot (1600mhz) (4x4gb)
PSU: Corsair ATX 850w
Hard Disk: I got 3 Hard Disk, they are 7200RPM (1 TB, 1.5TB, 3TB)
SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 (120gb)
Actually GPU: MSI 580 Lightning
Future GPU: 2 MSI 770 (Lightning or TF 4GD5)

Have nice day !
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    The PSU is fine, and 2GB cards will be sufficient, however, I suggest the 4GB cards for the sake of future proofing. A lot of people will tell you 2GB is not enough for anything higher than 1080p, however, it is nowhere near even cutting it close:
  2. Since you have 2 Monitors, you may go with the 4GB GTX770 to make it future proof.
  3. With the same price for 2x GTX 770, I can pick a 780 Lightning, but I cant use for 3D Surround right now, and need wait a lot of time to take another and make a SLI, but I dont will buy another monitor right now anyway...I just receive my second few weeks...

    The games have much problem with Multi-GPU(SLI x Crossfire), I fear that, because everyone know single gpu is "better" because you dont have to care about some troubles...
  4. I suggest the dual 770's. They will offer MUCH better performance in 90% of modern games, and bugs with Multi-GPU setups are pretty much nonexistent on the nVidia side.
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