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I started up GTA IV for the first time (bought it on the summer sale) on a laptop I usually game on. after the starting cutscene, there was nothing rendered on the floor or walls. When I went into graphics to fix the issue, it said I only had 59mb of ram ( for the graphics card). When I went to "Can I Run it", it said I only had 64mb of graphics card ram! I'm wondering if there's anyway to increase that ram, or transfer some over ( The system has 8gb ram total.) Any and all advice would be appreciated! please ask questions if I didn't clarify anything!
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  1. What graphics card do you have?
  2. What's your system, graphics card, processor/APU?
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    I'm not sure how old your laptop is, considering having 64MB of VRAM is really low for gaming. You can not increase GPU ram. Either you are stuck with that and play these games or it is time for an upgrade.
  4. No you can't. APUs, by default, the values are already set. APUs share memory from your ram, but it is limited to the factory's setting. Even if you have 16gb of the fastest ram on earth, you can't force the APU to take more than it can.
  5. Changing it is useless as windows will be sharing more. The gpu is just too weak.
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