Asrock z77 pro4-m ram slot doesn't work

Hi all, hope some help.

Two days ago i installed my new heatsink hyper 212 evo and i ned to unmount the entire motherboard.

After that i switch on my pc and after 3 sec or so my pc started rebooting. I made some test and i concluded that slot ram 3 and 4 doesnt work. Right now i'm using ram slot 1 and 2 (that means it is not dual channel).

My memories are corsair vengeance 2x4gb. I have some questions:

-¿Is there any noticeable diffenrece between single channel and dual channel? I play games mainly.
-¿Is there any way to fix the ram slot (i just need one for dual channel)? Nothing drastic, i still have the warranty up but i don't feel myself opening the case again xD.

My pc is:
-i5 3470
-asrock z77 pro4-m
-superflower 450w green power
-sapphire 7870
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  1. Hi, It might be a CPU socket bent pins issue or faulty contact due to an incorrect CPU fan installation (overtightened).
  2. Thank you for the answer.

    I will check it tomorrow. Do i need to put the cpu out or i just unscrew a bit hte heatsink?
  3. Loosen a bit the screws and test. If still the same, check the socket.
  4. Still the same problem. Anyway thank you for the help, i guess i will use the warranty.
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    Sure. Good idea.
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