Help with installation of win7 on an additional ssd on a MSI GE70

Hey guys, I have a disturbing question to submit to you pro's...
I should receive my GE70 2oE-070fr in 3 days.

I want to install win7 on an additional ssd.
But the thing is that I have no idea how to manage this operation.

Should I plug the ssd before first boot ? Then install win7 on it.
Or should I first put win7 on the hdd, then install my ssd properly and then do the switch ?

So what should I do on the first boot ??????

Please help the poor noob ; )
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    You will need to install Windows 7 on the SSD while it is in the laptop. If you install Windows while the drive is in another system, you will not be able to boot off of it once you transfer it to the laptop.

    1. Physically install drive to laptop
    2. Insert your Windows disc/pen drive, and boot off it (disable Secure Boot in BIOS)
    2a. If your laptop came with Windows 8 from factory and has UEFI, you will need to disable UEFI boot (or enable CSM) first. Remember to disable Secure Boot as well before trying to install Win7.
    2b. If the laptop came with Windows 8 from factory, and you disable UEFI/enable CSM, you may need to use the diskpart command line tools to convert the SSD to a MBR disk.
    3. Once you have everything set up properly before installing, you can run your Windows installation. :)

    It may all seem a little daunting or tedious, but you can find plenty of guides online and users hopefully will answer any questions you have here, too.
  2. Thank you. That is very helpfull.

    So do you know any good online guides ?

    And the laptop is coming with free dos. dose it changes anything ?
  3. FreeDos doesn't affect anything adversely. I don't have a guide outlining ALL of that, but here is one for converting a GPT disk to a MBR disk, if need be:

    Use the method in Option 2, and refer to step 2 within it to access the command prompt at boot. :)
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