Urgent! Need help with fixing Multiple BSOD!

Hello! I've been trying to solve my problem for hours now. I still cannot fix my damn computer. I am no computer expert, so I dont really know what im doing.

It all began when I was playing FFXIV while watching Youtube videos. I let the youtube video play while I was fiddling with the graphics settings of FFXIV, my screen flashed for a bit which is quite normal when changing graphics settings for games but after that a Blue screen came up.

I thought it had something to do with my NVIDIA drivers, so I went and downloaded the latest one. For a few moments, I thought the problem went away, but another blue screen came up when I multitasked (watched on youtube, opened some apps).

I tried restarting multiple times, and the blue screen still comes up. I figured that safe mode would help me find the problem by turning off any non-Microsoft service. Still, the blue screens came up.

I almost gave up when my Windows desktop screen came up looking really weird and messed up. The desktop only took up about 1/3 of my screen. The icons and colors were pixelated and had weird colors. Any type of image/graphic looked messed up. At this point, I thought the OS had been corrupted and thought that reinstalling the OS would help solve everything. I couldnt find any installers lying around so I kept on looking for solutions online.

The BSOD never went away. It reached the point where the computer wouldn't boot up anymore. It asked me to restore my system and fix Windows startup multiple times.

I googled for answers again and tried swapping out my RAM (i had 4, 2gigs each)
I'd swapped only 2 so far. A BSOD popped up after the Welcome screen for the 1st one, the 2nd is working well so far. (which is keeping my computer alive as i type this post)

I'll be back after checking the 2 remaining ones.

Here are the minidump files that I found which might be helpful.
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  1. so did you do a restore?...........
  2. swifty_morgan said:
    so did you do a restore?...........

    Yeah. I restored my computer twice already. After that, the Bluescreens still kept on coming at me.
  3. you have bsod with one stick of ram then memtest all of them the defective one could cause the issue .
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    make sure flash player/adobe-whatever is up to date.

    uninstall nvidia drivers via add/remove programs. turn off auto driver updates and windows auto updates. reboot. do a custom or advance install of nvidia drivers. only install the graphics and physx drivers, nothing else.

    what is FFXIV?

    do swap ram in different slots and test each one individually as suggested above.

    make sure all data and electrical connections are tight.
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