Phenom II x4 925 @ 3.0ghz, XFX ATI 7770 ghost, Corsair 8gb 1333mhz ram, Randomly hangs up in some games.

I am unsure where to post this since I am not aware what the issue is or could be.

As stated in the title the computers specs are
Phenom ii x4 925 @ 3.0ghz
XFX ATI 7770 Ghost edition
Corsair Dominator Ram 8gb @ 1333mhz
PSU Zephyr MX 750w
Mother Board Gigabyte 970a-d3

So the problem is this pc plays games prefectly. But only some games. The computer plays World of warcraft daily on max settings inside of 25 man raids. The cpu never over heats neither does the gpu. It plays Crysis 2 on medium to high without much problem other then a slight fps drop everyonce and a while. But my main concern is, when I play Shogun 2 on max graphics to lowest possible graphics it will hang and then continue to play. It will hang every 20-30 seconds and keep playing as if nothing happened. The problem isnt just on shogun 2. The problem presists on Dead space 1, with random hangs. It plays other games prefectly. I had at first thought it could be the VIA audio deck and the sound drivers that came with the mother board having issues on some games. I have since uninstalled all sound drivers and went with a generic microsoft sound driver. The problem still presists. The inside of the pc is spotless no dust. The OS is clean and stable. The game files are prefect and have been reinstalled. The problem still presists. There are no bsod's or anything out of place in the event log. I ve looked into back ground programs affecting some games but there are none running other then system files. The GPU drivers are up to date. And bios are updated. I am at wits end here. Any ideas are welcome even the most simplest of ideas. I am worried because I am a huge total war fan. And with the release of rome total war 2. And the fact I am having problems with Shogun 2. I feel I may have the same problems on Rome 2. In which case I am basicly wasting my money if I still have the problem. Thanks in advanced for taking the time to try and help me out.
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  1. You've tried about everything I would recommend. The last thing I can think of to try is to underclock your CPU and GPU and see what happens.
  2. It was actually doing this same thing prior to me over clocking. I disabled cool N quite thinking that might cause a issue since I researched that has has caused problems for some. So I disabled it, and then bumped the cpu up 200mhz very small oc, the gpu is still at stock speeds. :l
  3. I meant underclock them below stock speeds.
  4. If I underclock wont I experience lag regardless? And if I do and the problem goes away whats that mean exactly?
  5. No changes from under clocking the cpu. Any other advice?
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    Did you underclock the GPU?

    Honestly, it probably won't do anything, but can't hurt to try. But my reasoning is that somehow stock speeds became unstable, and that is why it hangs.
  7. I over clocked the gpu by just a slight amount from 1000mhz to 1200mhz. I kept memory clock the same. The pc no longer hangs randomly. ihog you suggestion that the clock speed had become unstable was correct. Although I didnt solve the problem in the way discribed, you where correct on the issue. I thank you sir :)!
  8. That is really odd, and 200 MHz on a GPU is not really slight at all--it's actually pretty good! It's great that it fixed your issue, though. And you're welcome!
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