Phantom 410. What HD Audio cable is for? And some other cables.. And a problem with usb 3.0 front panel..

I dont use it, but i have sound. Should i connect this cable to my mobo? I have asus maximus vi hero and realtek drivers.

If i connect this cable to modo, i can use the front panel ports? Any advantage?

Also, i didnt connect the -p/+p led. What is it?

Last, i have a problem with one usb 3.0 port in front panel. I dont remember if it was ok.. But now it's not. Can i fix it somehow or its broken?

I have this case less than a month.
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    The HD Audio is for the headphone and microphone ports on the front of the case. I'd personally connect it, if for no other reason than to have the ability to plug in headphones when you don't want to use speakers.

    The P+/P- Led is your power light on the case.

    Check with your case manufacturer. You may be able to either get it replaced under warranty or get the parts to replace it.

  2. Maybe the port went inactive after bios update or something else?
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