Computer won't POST after installing my new HIS 7850 video card, help please

Hey guys

I was recently given a (relatively) old dell computer from a relative and decided to get a new video card for it. The computer is a dell XPS 8300 and the video card I am trying to install is a brand new HIS HD7850. Upon installing it and firing up my rig I get absolutely no output from my monitor despite the GPU fan starting up. I've tried absolutely everything I could think of to solve this with the exception of trying the card in a different computer (in the off-chance that it was DOA) which I will have the opportunity to do this weekend.

So far I have tried:

* Updating my mobo bios to the latest support version from Dell
* Uninstalling my current GPU drivers before adding the new card
* Booting from my onboard video while the new GPU is installed to hopefully get into windows and get drivers (onboard video won't post either when the 7850 is installed, but posts fine when my old 8800gt is in it)
* Calculating my wattage and from everything I can tell I still have a good 100w headroom or so (which means it shouldn't be my PSU)
* Tried clearing the CMOS before installing it (not sure why this would help, but gave it a shot)

From everything I've gathered from internet anecdotes of other XPS 8300 users trying to install newer videocards it seems certain cards have compatibility issues. What boggles me about this is that certain people have successfully installed 7850's in their system and others have not been able to get them to work whatsoever with the same issues as me. In my experience, this points to a mobo / BIOS issue but I could be incorrect in that assumption. According to my mobo specs, the PCI-E slot is 2.0 yet the card I am using is 3.0. From everything I've read about this, it seems 3.0 is backwards compatible with earlier PCI-E slots, however could this be the issue?

Does anybody have any light to shed on my situation or any suggestion as to what to do from here on? Very desperate to get this working since I really don't want to be slammed with the Newegg restock fee if I end up having to send this card back.

Also, I'm fairly computer literate and have built multiple rigs so yes my dvi is attached, yes my gpu is fully seated and yes I have connected the 6pin power chord.

Thank you beforehand

PSU Info for anyone interested

MOBO Info for anyone interested
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  1. That PSU is rated at 460W but is old enough that you'll be lucky enough to get 375 to 400 out of it. That card can draw up to 100W all by itself. Get a new PSU
  2. Traildriver said:
    That PSU is rated at 460W but is old enough that you'll be lucky enough to get 375 to 400 out of it. That card can draw up to 100W all by itself. Get a new PSU

    Yet my processor only has a TDP of 95 and I'm not using a cd drive or any pci-cards. I may be incorrect, but it seems very unlikely to me that the PSU can't deliver enough wattage to support an energy efficient cpu and gpu with minimal add-ons. From my experience (again, could be wrong), I should at least be able to boot and then instead experience "blackouts" if my wattage wasn't enough. I can't imagine that my computer wouldn't even recognize my gpu if I didn't have enough power, but again I could be wrong. I'm very much on a limited budget right now and I can't afford to keep buying parts to troubleshoot :/ Gonna see if I can get ahold of a higher rated PSU to try it with, but I'm doubtful that's the issue.

    "Edit: Also, it is worthwhile to note that my computer doesn't shut down it simply just doesn't recognize the gpu
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