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This thread is about my high latency while trying to stream LoL, and other games.

Before I start on this thread, I know that streaming will annihilate my latency. Although I have had point where my latency was okay and other times when it was horrific. I do have the general understanding of what is going on, but I am here to try to figure out if there is anything I can do.

First off I wanted to ask a general question of what software(free) I should use for streaming. I have just been using XSplit but I have also heard suggestions of OBS. I have used both to no avail. My latency is always extremely high. I changed some of my XSplit settings and my in-game ping lowered 50~100. It helped but it still isn't enough. I'm running at 130~200 average throughout the game(League of Legends).

I was just wondering if there are any settings I should change to raise my ping. I would rather use OBS for its free use of the game capture option. Although, I have a fairly nice machine that will run most games at 80+ FPS on Ultra,etc.

My problem is just my latency and trying to lower it to a better level so I can stream much better. All suggestions are welcome.
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    It depends what you think the cause of the latency is. If you use a different machine at the same time on your internet connection and see if that is also affected. This would tell you if you have a problem with the internet or the problem is someplace within all the software running on your PC.

    Internet you don't have many options. You can buy more upload bandwidth, you can try to reduce the amount of data the machine produces, or you might be able to use QoS on your router. The QoS option you must pick which application you are going to make better knowing you will make the other ones worse in the process. Changing the software I will have to defer to someone who know more about the requirements.
  2. I have an average 1.04 upload speed with nothing running at all. So I'm thinking it is just my upload speed. I was just wondering if there were any settings in XSplit or OBS that I can configure to try and help me out because I can't afford to buy more bandwidth
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