Something is wrong with my pc??? please help

Something is terribly wrong with my computer and i just cant figure it out. I built it about 2 mouths ago and it was working fine till last week. I have done every single virus scan that is out there, I have de fragmented my hard drive and i have removed all junk files. The only other issue i can think of his built dust inside the computer. please help??

p.s its also a high end computer so no hardware issues.
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  1. "Something is terribly wrong with my computer... "

    Well..for someone to attempt to help you, an actual description of the problem might be useful.
  2. Perhaps elaborate on the issue. And actual hardware.
  3. sorry guys im new to this whole thing and for example chrome and all other browsers is extremely slow, my download speed is around 60-65 mbps so i dont believe its the internet. Its like it has trouble processing a new tab in chrome as well. Also when i am watching a movie in full screen it becomes very slow and laggy. Overall it just seems like the system has slowed down alot and takes time to buffer.

    Processor: i7 3700k 3.4 GHz

    Ram: 8gb ddr3 ram(sorry i dont know what exact brand)

    Mother board: Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3R

    Video card: GTX 650

    Case: Antec gaming case Nine hundred V3

    Operating system: Windows 7

    Keyboard: Standard Inland Keyboard

    Mouse: Razer mamba 2013

    Monitor: asus 25 inch LED
  4. How about your PSU, a maxed out PSU can cause those kinds of symptoms without actually shutting down. What model?
  5. RAIDMAX RX-500S 500W ATX12V Power Supply

    my psu
  6. Sounds like it could be an issue with your graphics driver. Update your driver from Nvidia.
  7. Best answer
    adjusted post. waffling ...

    Tip :

    " and all other browsers "

    how many do you run ? i uninstalled these , faster.
  8. xangyi said:
    Nice card but budget , video problems , the larger the picture. pixels and area to draw to the picture together. do not try to run this card in SLi , it is not compatible as a dual card.

    Tip :

    " and all other browsers " how many do you run ? i uninstalled these , faster.

    Dude. What?
  9. I updated the drivers and still nothing. And thanks for the help but i have no idea how to disable SLi
  10. a 500w power supply should be plenty right?
  11. play a DVD , see if the frame rate is affected watching a film offline.


    Graphics processor: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB, 1,058MHz
    Pipeline: 384 stream processors, 32 Texture Units, 16 ROPs
    Memory: 1GB GDDR5, 5GHz effective
    Bandwidth: 80GB/sec, 128-bit interface <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Your Video Bottle neck.
    Compatibility: DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.1
    Outputs/Inputs: DVI x 2, HDMI
    Power connections: 6-pin
    Size: 152mm, dual-slot
    Warranty: Three years

    256 or 384 bit memory interface is better. read the link this is a Budget card. Buffer the full movie

    do not run to many browser tools. i un installed my chrome and silver light , Turn off plugins when you stream movies.
    my browser became faster. i use fire fox. watch in a smaller window.

    personally i would up grade your PSU to 800watts. does not mean you have to.

    i use a 1000 watts. just to be safe.

    when i first read this post , i though its your internet connection. you rig looks fine.
    i had browser issues last week with virgin media , low and behold it was an SNR signal problem
  12. So you think a 1000 watt psu will fix my issue?
  13. No Zac .

    your either running to much at once , its your internet connection , or you have a trojan.

    try spy bot.

    without seeing your pc it is hard to tell with the infomation you have provided and your feedback.

    did you try a DVD without being on line?
  14. I tested the DVD out and its still the same result.
  15. i would say your Graphics memory interface is too small for your processing / Bus power

    read here to get an idea.
    The puzzle is that it took two months to slow.
    Try running a game that has a film intro to it and see if that stutters.
    To solve it , try a GPU with bigger interface memory.
    use Task manager and click on Resource manager , Look at Temperatures of your hardware running. did you apply thermal paste properly.
    if you cant open a browser TAB you have a hardware issue. i had this 2 weeks ago , i bought a new cooler and arctic thermal paste and boom , all fixed. due to over heating.

    down size your movie window , do not watch in 1920x1080 . try lessor 640x480 window.
    are you running in HDMI , try the DVI port , see if the frame rate changes.

    just been reading about your mobo. is your card in the PCIEx16 slot , are both GPU lanes being used , if so your mobo will only work at x8. make sure your monitor is plugged into the integrated graphics port at the back ,

    2- Also because it is a sandy bridge mobo z68 and an Ivy Bridge cpu, you will have to do extra steps to use the hd4000 videocard. And it is the kind of steps you really want to avoid like editing kext...

  16. thanks for everything xangyi, and sorry wrong mobo

    MSI Z77 MPower (MS-7751)
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