Games such as Tera, Freezes randomly, I can`t figure out what is wrong..

Hello Everyone,

So I been playing Tera for a while now, with a kind of old Video Card Nvidia 210 and an Old Pentium 4 3GHz CPU, I know they were not required for this game, but I was play it with range of 5-12 FPs kindly fine with no serious problems, like few crashes and some lags due to how weak the rig was, howver I decided to upgrade my PC rig to something better to run the game better, So I got a "Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33mgz new CPU, and Nvidia GT 630 2GB DDR3 Gigabyte video card, didn`t update my Rams they are 4GB.

so After I got these new parts the game was run amazing for about a week, then I noticed some weird Random freezes started to happen, they usually make the game go "Not responding" with messing up the game graphic and stuck that way, sometimes it work back again, sometimes it just stay that way, I checked if anything overheating and causes these freezes but no, max CPU temperature is 60C, and the GPU 52C as the highest I saw using the HWmonitor software, I also tried many GPU Nvidia drivers from 300 till 320 ones but the problem still exist.

It usually appear like some blinking or flashing in the Game`s UI, after few blinks it freezes, noticed it happening all the time this way, also the funny is like, I gamble to make the game run fine, so sometimes I freeze once I reach the Character Screen, and some other times it run all fine, till I relog or reload the game and the problem start happening again but I noticed it started to happen with all other games as Aion and Resident Evil 5 and Forsaken world.

I don`t get Blue screens or black screens not even some error message, game graphics mess up and it stay as a messed up picture frozen, and turns to "Not responding" all I can do is close the game and reload it, it doesn`t even freeze my computer, with luck it may work back for few sec then again stuck and freezes, so I hope someone tell me what is really wrong please, I been trying to fix this problem since about a month already..
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  1. What power supply are you using? 60C is hot, but not the max temp of the CPU.

    Also, when updating your components, did you reinstall Windows?
  2. Thank you for the Fast Reply, I`m not sure what was the type of the Power supply I threw the box of it 1 year ago, but I did open the PC case and it says "Creative OPP: 1200W" That is the name I see, Ok here what happened this problem started to happen, once I decided to install windows 7 32bit, I used to run Windows XP and it was kindly fine, I noticed this graphic issue happen alot in windows 7 so I reinstalled a clean Windows 7 64bit in hope this might fix it, but no, a friend advised me to install windows 8 as he is not having problems with it, so I listened and I`m with windows 8 64bit now, first couple of days it was OK, then this begin to happen again.

    The Temperature of the CPU is 60C While I`m in the game, it`s on 33C-35C when idle.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I did the upgrade for these components after I installed a windows 7 at first time and this started to happen.

    This exactly the power supply I have.
  3. Should I get a new power supply? or It`s an OS problem? The Video card and the CPU are fresh new.
  4. Is your motherboard able to support the processor? As in, is it on the support list? It should be since its 775.
  5. I have a Gigabyte G41MT-S2P Motherboard Model, and yea I guess the processor is supported for this motherboard also, supported to run this game perfectly in mid-high settings, as I wanted to install an i5 processor but they told me I have to change my motherboard for that so I got this processor.

    What I think is, the problem on that the power supply isn`t really giving enough electricity to the Video card, I read somewhere that it`s cheap PSU and not really a 1200w kind,some said it`s not even a 250w as this video card I got requires a PSU 350w.

    As I remember it didn`t cost me much for this PSU something around 12$ but it been working fine for about a year now, so I`m planning to change it with a true 450w, hopping that it may solve this crash/freeze issue.

    Thread about the PSU I have:
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    The power supply is not great at all, you are correct. 25a on the 12V rail should be enough to run that card though. It seems like a very low quality power supply. 75a on the 5V rail is darn near insane.
  7. So I can say that this PSU is what causing the problem? I`m not really expert with the voltages and wats.
  8. Either way it wouldnt be a bad thing to get a new one that is higher quality. Even an Antec VP would do well.
  9. Low graphic card bro and lack of RAM :) Same thing happening to me. trust me
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