Will this liquid CPU cooler work

Will this liquid CPU cooler work with my i5 4670k Corsair - Hydro Series H50 120mm Fan CPU Cooler ...I'm gonna over clock it i just want to make sure it will fit
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  1. It will fit but that really is a crappy cooler. There are much better options at that price range.
  2. I own it and its not crappy, however, as someone said, there are much newer models of it which are better performers. The h50 Is like 4 years old I think. And it will fit. I suggest you get an h80i though
  3. I doesn't perform as well and is nosier than comparably prices air or other ALC coolers....7.2 C hotter than Atntec Kuhler

    Coolit ECO A.L.C. 75.2
    Corsair H50 73.1
    Coolit Vantage A.L.C. (extreme) 73.0
    Prolimatech Super Mega 67.2
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 65.9
    Corsair H70 (high) 65.3
    Thermalright Venomous X 63.0
    Thermalright Silver Arrow 61.8
    Cooler Master V6 GT 61.2,14.html

    H50 stock = 65.75
    Antec Kuhler stock 620 = 61.75C

    best air coolers are in the 51 - 52C area ....14 C lower

    Unless you shipping ya PC around and worried about UPS gorillas snapping it off ya moBo, I really don't see a purpose to the H series cooler as they don't outperform comparably priced air coolers....and they danged noisy. Listen below
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    Its crap if you consider price and noise.

    Here is a Phantecs at the same price, its comparible to an H80i and H90 but costs the same as an H50?
    So yes, the H50 is crap.

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