Sapphire 7970 graphics card temps

I'm running a crossfire of two 7970's and at least I would think that that the lower one, or the one that has hot air being blown into it would be consistently hotter than the upper one but at idle the top one is running around 40C and the bottom around 35C and when stress tested under full tilt, within about 5 minutes the top one is running around 85C and the bottom around 70C, and im not overclocking at all, so my question would be are those temps alright and is it normal for the one on top to be running hotter?
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  1. My 630 (description in my signature), runs at 41 degrees at idle and about 60 in full load. I'm not too familiar (I have used it) with SLI / CFX, but they're probably battling for air, the temperatures seem normal, but the top GPU during a stress test, seems a little high, nothing to worry about though.
  2. The one on the top is always hotter, its getting the heat from the lower card. Temps are fine.
  3. So what would be the most effective setup if I were trying to cool the top one off because I'm looking into buying an extra fan or two, my case has two side fan mounts and two top ones and already has two front intake fans installed and one rear exhaust.
  4. BigMack70 said:
    Key is good airflow in the front and out the top/rear. I never had success lowering temps with side intake or exhaust fans. However, I did manually mount a 120mm fan on the back of my hard drive cage (instead of on the front of the case) right near the GPUs and that has helped.

    Could I have an issue with airflow if my psu intake fan is pointed into the case rather than from the bottom of the case? I read some places that you should have it pointed down but it also seemed like the screw mounts didn't line up right if I had it that way...
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