FX-8350 Temps with H80i

Hey guys.

Recently bought a FX-8350 with an H80i cooler. I finally got everything installed and checked out my temps. I've used 3 different programs to compare and I'm not sure if I need to remount this H80i...

Based on HW Monitor it says that my CPU is idling at 43 degrees Celsius, however under the processor sensor it reads 21 degrees Celsius.

Which one am I concerned about? Core Temp reads 21 degrees Celsius as well, but AI Suite II is also reading 43 degrees on the CPU.

I am pretty confused, any help would be appreciated. Also here is as screen of HW Monitor.

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    I used to use HW monitor also and got high temp readings so I switched to real temp and got better results. With HW monitor and when doing a stress test I was getting temps over 91c and the computer was not shutting down which should not happen because the thermal shut down should happen at 91c. So that's when I switched.
    Another thing that you'll find is that software that you pay for will work better then free software. So when I get a software program that I like and want to use to a better performance I will buy the upgrade and get better more useful features.
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