DVD drive wont boot first on startup with new motherboard ASUS P8B75-M

Hey guys,

Ive just finished building my first computer and powered it up, ive gone into the BIOS and seen that everything is being picked up by the motherboard even my dvd drive which is saying its a ASUS DRW1814BLT, in the bios menu i am setting the dvd drive as boot option 1, i install my windows 8 disk, restart my pc and it boots straight to my old harddrive, which has windows 7 on it.

Ive even tried going into the bios setting and doing the boot override to boot straight to the dvd drive but it then just boots to the hardrive, on start up the dvd drive lights come on and i can hear it making noises, but it doesnt seem to be booting, i wanted to wipe and reformat my hardrive for windows 8.

the dvd drive is an asus quietrack its probably a couple of years old by now.

Ive also tried swapping the sata cables around from 3g2 to 3g1 etc, they arnt plugged into the 6g ports.

In the SATA config tab in the bios, its picking it up as ASUS DRW-18 ATAPI, in the advanced mode.

Cheers guys i tried to give as much info as possible for troubleshooting purposes.
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    On The new bios on the main page make sure efi DVD roms not first. Drag the DVD Rom so it the first device on the left. And under boot devices make sure efi DVD not first. If you think the DVD drive the issue use the Microsoft iso to USB tool and boot from a USB stick and install the os.
  2. Sorry smorizio im not sure what you mean? i have the dvd drive so it boots first as number 1 in the advanced mode and on the home screen i have the dvd drive on the left, also i dont think i will be able to use the tool, the version of windows i have is legit and i dont have another pc to do this process

    I also just changed the ahci sata control mode to AHCI which it was orignally IDE, recommened by life hackers guide to building a pc from scratch and now my harddrive windows 7 is asking to be repaired, but yeah the issue still stands and the dvd drive still wont boot first.

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