hi guys would this build be of similar specs to a next gen console ?

intel i5-2500k
Sapphire AMD HD 6850 1GB
Gigabyte Intel 1155 H61M-S2PV 2XDDR3 VGA/DVI
DDR3 Ram 8GB Kingston 1333Mhz

can this beat nxt gen console or be on par or would it be left in the dust.
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  1. It will be slightly behind or on par. Not better. The GPU is the weak point here.
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    The closest a GPU comes to PS4/XB1 tflops is the Radeon 7790. If you get a 7850 You would already be above the tflops of the next gen consoles.
    The 6850 @ 1.5tflops is slightly below the tflops of the next gen consoles which If i remember is 1.84 tflops. Even though the 7850 has less tflop performance than the 7790 the 7850 has 1GB more of memory, more memory bandwidth and double the ROPS.

    So the best solution would be the 7850, but by no means would your setup "be left in the dust". The 6850 still has double the ROPS more memory bandwidth than the 7790. It does however have less texture units.



  3. ok thanks i modified my gpu would this be enough to be near nxt gen thanks for the help.
    Intel i5-2500
    Gigabyte GTX 660 OC Version 2GB
    Gigabyte Intel 1155 H61M-S2PV 2XDDR3 VGA/DVI
    DDR3 Ram 8GB Kingston 1333MhzGTX 660 OC Version 2GB
  4. It will be better. This should play all modern games at high settings. not max though.
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