Where to upgrade my pc first please?

I currently have an i32100, 32bit Win Vista, 4GB memory (1gb taken by my gpu), 1GB Radeon HD 6870. I tried to play Planetside 2 and even on low graphics settings I dropped to below 20 fps often. Also with Guild Wars 2 if I try to multitask the second task becomes very slow indeed.

I want to make a rig good enough to reach high settings on most modern games especially FPS games but maintain a good frames per second of at least 60. I just realised I can flash my mobo to take an Ivybridge i7 3770. I was going to do that first because Im concerned soon the third gen cpu will disappear from retail plus also upgrade my memory to 8MB and OS to 64bit Windows 8.

But got to thinking would I be better upgrading my Radeon HD 6870 instead with 8GB memory and Win 8 64bit? Whether I upgrade the cpu or gpu I will upgrade the other maybe a few months later.

Any friendly advice as to what to upgrade first will be very welcome and helpful.
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  1. Win 64 bit. Then ram.
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