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So i just upgraded my hardware, and of course the psu cables were not long enough for me to manage my cables very well. I have had no trouble finding the normal extensions for main power and things like that. Problem I am having is finding some adapter cables for my fans. I have an NZXT fan controller which has 3 pin male connectors to plug into the fans. Problem is all of my fans are either molex, or the 4 pin female connectors. I can't find any adapter taking either molex into 3 pin female, or 4 pin male into 3 pin female. I also looked into getting some new fans like these. Those are also 4 pins though. It seems like the fan controller is pointless because it doesn't seem like 3 pin gets used anymore. Any ideas of where to find what i need? Or other options i could take?
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    If the fans have 4 pin connectors like the type that plug into a MB header, you can plug them into any 3 pin header or connector of the same style. The PWM wire will just go unused.
  2. Oh wow didn't even think to try that. Thanks. Any idea about the Molex fans? Or should I just buy new fans?
  3. It depends on whether you want them controlled by the fan controller or not. If not, you can always plug them directly into any PSU Molex.

    Here's some various adapters depending on your particular situation:
  4. The problem I am having, even through amazon is finding those adapters that go to a female 3 pin. My fan controller has male connections on it. I have found plenty of molex to 3 pin male just no female. And I tried plugging my 4 pin into one of them and it wouldn't fit because the fan controller plugs have plastics sidings on them. Tried cutting them, but broke my aluminum wire cutters lol. They were sharp and seemed like they could work.. will try again when I can find better tools.

    That is the only thing I could find and it is really expensive, and looks like crappy quality.

    All the adapters to male, or 4 pin connections are 3-7 dollars. Anyone know where I can find a decent quality one of what im looking for for cheap?
  5. It would be cheaper to replace the fans.
    Or there's always ebay:
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