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I experienced this problem in the last few days. I turned on my computer in the morning, then i click on chrome to start using but my home page dont load for a min then it start loading again. It shows internet connection but I cant get the pages to load. Never happen like this before. During surfing internet, sometimes I experience drop for a min or so, same thing, it shows internet connection but the pages dont load. I wonder is it because of my connection problem or is it because my HUB port on mobo is not good or the problem from my modem? Please help me answer so I can fix this asap. Thanks
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  1. can some one please help me. Let me know if this happen because of my HUB port or my connection problem? Please
  2. did you try with another navigator like firefox if you have the same issue ?
  3. I havent try yet. Now everything is normal. But if Firefox happen the same thing so what would be the cause of the problem? I just ask in advance.
  4. check your chrome maybe it need to be update , if not remove it and reinstall the latest version . that why i always have 2 navigator installed on my system and use only one .
  5. my chrome is up to date and i also have firefox install. but right now my internet is working fine. I will see during the day if i will have the same problem from the last few days. I will use the firefox to test. but i think this is not the problem from my LAN port right? I just build a new comp so i kinda worry of malfunction computer parts.
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    i would remove and reinstall the chrome since firefox work good means your parts are working .
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