Do they make 2560x1440 120Hz Monitors If not do they make 1920x1080 120Hz Monitors?Also do they make 2560x1600 120Hz Monitors?

I heard they don't make 2560x1600 120Hz Monitors only 60Hz.I'm just wondering cause i've wanted to get a 2560x1600 but in 120Hz but if there is a 2560x1440 120Hz that is great but if there isn't than is there a 1920x1080 120Hz that is great?
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    There are no official 1600p or 1440p monitors that support 120hz, but there are some that can be hacked with varying degrees of success. The Catleap and Overlord are two that come to mind.

    There are also several 120hz and 144hz 1080p monitors. There are some that support Lightboost, which gives it more of a CRT feel with 0 motion blur.

    Open the link, it will show the difference in motion blur between 2ms and 2ms with Lightboost. It is a big difference.

    List of 120hz monitors:
  2. They don't make 2560x1440 120/144Hz monitors as of right now. They do, however, make 1920x1080 120/144Hz monitors, such as this:
  3. Info on 1440p @ 120Hz:
  4. Ive been gaming on 2560 x 1600 displays for 3 yrs now but aren't affordable for most people at $1200+. If they added LED and 120hz the price would be over $1500 easy so its not cost efficient or that profitable for companies to invest in tech although I wish they would. The money is with those cheap 1080p displays for around $250 people tend to eat up. I'm going to make the jump to a 4K display next year when they come down to Earth prices for around a grand. Maybe those will be LED and 120hz or better.
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