Built a new computer, I get the post beep but no display signal. Help.

Like the title says, I get the post beep but no display signal whatsoever. I've got a dedicated GPU installed and its LED lights and fan spins. Tried both onboard and GPU through DVI port but nothing. (monitor works perfectly fine with another computer.) Thank you advance.
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    Check that the eight or four pin pci power plugs on the edge of the mb are plugged in. Try pulling the gpu and see if onboard video works. If it does update the bios. If no video try pulling one dimm. If it pst update bios and rebuild.
  2. Also what PSU do you have running in the rig that gets no signal? Plus are both of the PCI-E power cables plugged in?
  3. Thank you both of you, it was the RAM. Reinstalling it fixed it. I've gone pulled the RAM and rubbed it clean with a piece of cloth and popped it back in, now it works like a charm. Thanks again for the help.
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