x79 vs z87 mobo's. Is the 2 year old mobo still better than this year's?

Hey guys I'm looking to build a new PC over the next few weeks. I came across a dilemma. I was going to buy a nice new motherboard that came out this year. ASUS Maximus VI Extreme Motherboard. I noticed it used 1150 pins for the cpu socket. So I was going to purchase an i7 4770k which is just a quad core.

Then I saw the 2011 pin motherboards and I was like "That's like almost double the pins for a cpu, I wonder why?" So I took a look. I came across the older version of the motherboard I was initially going to purchase, it is called a ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard. But it seems it's better, more powerful and even a little more pricey, I was amazed that a 2 year old motherboard has more features and faster performance then a new "and improved?" one.

I also found that the motherboards are quad channel for ram, have 8 slots, and up to 64GB (new one only 32GB). It also supports the super powerful i7 cpu's like the 6 cores with multi threads (i7 3930k for e.g.).

So my question is, is it worth buying the new stuff, the only benefit I see here is it seems to use less power, but what gamer would care about that!??? All I want is top quality performance for my games, my video rendering, and my virtual machines.

Is there a 4930k to be released soon with next gen mobo's better than those sandy bridge ones? If yes is it worth waiting for?

What would you do if you wanted a high power machine, would the 4770k be enough, would you just buy the high powered sandy bridge stuff, or would you wait for the next model to be out (I have no idea when it will be, if it's soon then I'll wait, but if it's like 4 months or more away, don't have that kind of time).

Any answers would help a lot, a pro's and con's list might be cool too and maybe some benchmarks or something. Thanks, sorry about the long message.
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  1. "my video rendering, and my virtual machines"

    If those are what this machine will be doing most of the time, then the 2011 platform is worth the extra cost. 2011 has very little benefit for gaming.

    So yes, the 2011 stuff are MEANT to be the best desktop stuff you can get.
    The 4930k would likely not be much better than the current ones.
  2. As above, if you're doing rendering and VMs, LGA2011 is the way to go. More RAM, more RAM bandwidth.

    The Haswell (LGA1150) chips do better at single threaded tasks, but SB-E is the way to go if you can use lots of threads.
  3. The game I'd be playing most will be BF4, and from the alpha benchmarks, seems to be pretty intensive on cpu, ram and GPU. The video's I'd be rendering will be music recordings, gaming recordings, and streaming mostly. The virtual machines will mostly be virtual PC's and virtual servers for educational and professional purposes. However the video rendering and virtual machines I'll only be doing about 20% of the time, so would you think that the Z87 mobo and the 4770k will do ok with that? The only issue with the sandy bridge is that I'd have to spend a bit more, but also get a whole liquid cooling system. Unless it only requires liquid cooling for the cpu.
  4. 2011 does not require any sort of major cooling. 50$ air cooler is perfectly good enough.
  5. 2011 does not require any sort of major cooling. 50$ air cooler is perfectly good enough.
  6. So you think a Corsair H100i cpu cooler will suffice?
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    Even a Hyper 212Evo would be fine, though you won't OC far.

    A Noctua NH-D14 would be my recommendation if you do want to OC.
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