Question about bottlenecking: GTX 680 and AMD Phenom II X6 1090T

Ok, so as the title says I have a GTX 680 and AMD Phenom II X6 1090T clocked @3.2GHz. Am I getting bottlenecked and if so how much? If I overclock it to 3.6GHz or 3.8GHz will I see a performance boost in games such as battlefield 3? Also I'm on a relaly high end aftermarket CPU Cooler (Air) and am setting up a push pull fan will my CPU stay cool? My friends CPU stays cool overclocked to 4.2GHz and it's a AMD FX 6300. What are my best options thanks for all responses.

P.S. What is the average CPU lifetime and how long will OCing shorten it.
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    It probably wont have bottleneck at 3.2ghz, TDM in Canals (any map that isn't large) wont have any bottleneck at this frequency, i assure you. On larger maps is possible that will bottleneck a little maybe nothing that will kill the performance of the game and GPU, possible it will keep the fps at 50/60 at least, but it's true that you will have a boost performance OCing. As the CPU lifetime I have no idea, OCing will shorten the CPU lifetime, but all depends on the cooling, temps., frequency that you'll run it, case, even the specs of your PC, if you have a good cooling system it can live for 5 years or more, if not couple of years. You can have an idea of it for your own.
    I would OC at 3.8GHz if i had a good cooling system. Get a Water Cooler if you can.
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