Changing motherboard for better CPU options

I currently have a Pegatron NARRA5 motherboard, with an AMD Athlon 7550 x2. Due to this being an AM2 socket, my cpu upgrade options are very limited.
Could anyone suggest a decent replacement motherboard, which could hold a better cpu (maybe something Intel?).
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  1. My budget ideally is about £500-600, This is for the motherboard, a CPU with that and possibly RAM too.
    I'm pretty open minded about where I would purchase the parts from, if you could recommend a store; along with the parts, that would be good!
  2. And this is compatible with my GPU (GTX 650)?
  3. Sorry, my GPU is brand new and I'm pretty happy with it at the moment.
    It's just being incredibly bottlenecked by my rig, So I wanted to invest in something that would do it justice.
  4. Thanks for all the great help!
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