Help - Which Nexus Keyboard I Should Buy?

I bought my Nexus 7 a couple of weeks ago and I so love it! I am very meticulous when it comes to my stuff and right now I am having a hard time deciding which keyboard I should buy for my Nexus 7.

I would really appreciate any comments or suggestions I could get. Here are the links to the keyboards I like by the way.

1. Keyboard A.
2. Keyboard B.

Thank you so much!
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    Don't know if it will help you choose, but I bought one of these for my Nexus 7 (original):
    These keyboards are really, really small, and may be okay for occasional use, but not sure if they'd be suitable for long periods of typing.
    Anyhow, out of the two you've chosen, Keyboard A (similar to mine) will fit the Nexus like a glove and act as a good, protective hard, compact case/keyboard combination, but keys may be slightly closer together than Keyboard B.
    Keyboard B will be bulkier & softer (more protective?) and the keyboards slightly further apart making typing that tiny bit easier.

    If possible, I suggest you check these keyboard out at a store before buying - or buy them both and keep the one you like best & return the other one?
  2. Thank you so much Barhumbug! I really appreciate your suggestion. :) The link you shared looks great.
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