keyboard backlight & touchpad problem

1. I've recently bought ProBook 4540s and wonder how to turn on keyboard backlight.
2. My touch pad was working fine until I installed Synaptics TouchPad Driver 16.3.9. Now the cursor moves with difficulty and lags behind. How can I solve this problem? There's no uninstall option in Program and Features.
3. My Browser button used to open the browser, but does nothing now.

I'm using Win8 x64.
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    For the backlight there should be a button on the keyboard that turns it on/off.
    It might be a Fn key.

    As for the touchpad, we need to know what you were doing up until it stopped working. Were there any programs installed? Perhaps there was a Windows Update or Synaptics had a driver update.
  2. Thanks for your swift response,
    There is actually no key dedicated to that task. There may be a key combination. Fn+Space was suggested by someone, which did not work.

    The touch pad was responsive without installing the driver. The lagging started exactly coincident with Synaptics.
  3. hhhmmmm...

    I took a look at the keyboard. I don't see any Fn keys that would turn the backlight on.
    Maybe a physical button/switch on the side of the laptop?

    Other than that I'm stumped.

    Define this "lag" you experience with the mouse. Is it a delay from when you move your finger? My $40 gaming mouse is very responsive, but my cheap $10 mouse has about a 50ms or 100ms delay when I play games.

    Or is it the type of lag and u see the mouse skip frames, like a laggy video playing back at 5 fps.
  4. Maybe the word lag does not exactly illustrate my problem. The better description would be that the touchpad does not sense my finger at times making the cursor to seem to to be left behind. Since the problem is intermittent, it is not a matter of sensitivity.
  5. Ah. So you move your finger and nothing happens. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Right?

    Try and clean the touchpad. With a micro-fiber cloth or something. I have very sweaty hands and sometimes the sweat would mess up the tracking capabilities of my touchpad. If that doesn't work it might be a faulty touchpad. Something like that I doubt is software related, but before you take it in. Find and install the latest synaptics drivers.
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