gtx 460 heating problem

Hey guys, having a little problem here so I think I could use some help..
since a couple of weeks im having heat problems on my GPU, started from.. UHM.. nowhere!
I have MSI afterburner with fan control with user settings always running, but now seems almost usless because i can reach 90+ °C temperature wile using the gpu from 60 to 100% ( idle is 39/40 °C ).
Now i've noticed that if i move the fan speed control on my MSI from 40 to 100 wile having my hand near the GPU fan, the speed seems to remain just the same. So i thought could be a software problem and i tried ntune ( cant use it because i have an asrock with intel socket so it would just go blue screen every time), rivatuner, EVGA and Asus utiluty tool. Same problem, the RPM of the fans remain just the same and they are at minimum level so the video card just go overheat for nothing. No physical impediments on the fans ( dust or whatever )
Anyone can figure this out?

PS: i got accelero twin turbo II on my vga as cooler so its supposed to be WAY better then the standard cooling case of the MSI 460 .
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  1. since you mounted a custom cooler on your GPU make sure it is porperly mounted (if a screw got lose or something...) and recheck if the thermal paste is still there.
  2. I just did, checked all the screws and thermal paste on the gpu.. everything its fine and also I don't think that has to do anything with controlling the fan speed really..
  3. as a former GTX 460 1Gb holder, i suggest that you check the vcore voltage, it should not exceed 0,982v @ stock (675 MHz, even 775 MHz is fine, i used mine like that with default voltage)
  4. yeah the core voltage is set as default at 675 MHz. You got any idea why i can't get to control the fans manually with the softwares i posted below ? I'm assuming that my BIOS is probably preventing me for doing so I don't know if that makes any sense to you ( i got an ASroc z77 pro 3 ).
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