What ram should I buy ?

I am building my gaming pc using the Asus maximus VI impact mini itx motherboard, and i dont know which ram to buy.I would like a 16gb kit
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  1. IownaLAPTOP said:
    askerforpc said:
    I am building my gaming pc using the Asus maximus VI impact mini itx motherboard, and i dont know which ram to buy.I would like a 16gb kit

    if you have a good budget, corsair vengeance RAM. otherwise shop around on Amazon, tigerdirect, ebay, newegg. also since its mini itx, look up low profile ddr3 1600mhz RAM. normal profile RAM can be painfully annoying on these boards since everything is super tiny. though if this is strictly for gaming, 16gb is overkill. but for workstation use, this is great. (small bit of advice there)

    Is it just me or this Mini mobo uses a DDR2 RAM and not a DDR3 RAM? :??:
  2. There's 2 aspects for RAM. Speed and size. Well there's also timings but that isn't to important and also ties into speed.

    I have an 8gb setup with my PC and I'm using integrated graphics from my APU. Which is 512mb. I find that gaming with having a web browser with multiple tabs, 8gb will get the job done. Games don't usually use more than 3gb of memory.

    If your a multi-monitor person and does heavy multi-tasking. Or you record and edit videos from your gaming sessions, then 16gb would be good.

    Of course there's speed. DDR3 can go as low as 1333mhz or up to an overclocked 3000mhz. Ive even seen DDR3 go up to 5000mhz.

    I am using 8gb ram @ 1600mhz. But for you 1866mhz or 2133mhz would be more than enough.
    It's all about what you really want to do with this computer in the end. When I made mine I wanted a budget gaming PC that I can record videos with. In the end I went with a MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 with an AMD A10-5800k and 2x 4gb 1600mhz ram.

    So for RAM you have these choices. Based on popularity (and color scheme I assume). - 1600mhz 2x 4gb - 1866mhz 2x 4gb - 2133mhz 2x 4gb - 1600mhz 2x 8gb - 1866mhz 2x 8gb - 2133mhz 2x 8gb

    If money isn't an issue in the budget, then go for the fastest and biggest. Also keep in mind, that the CPU you choose will also determine how fast the ram can be. If you put in a pair of 2133mhz ram and the CPU can only use up to 1600mhz, the ram will run at 1600mhz.

    Hope this helps.
  3. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    ^ Apparently GSkill is the only company that makes RAM. LOL. They are a good brand, but there are others.

    Hey, I was going by popularity. Obviously Gskill is very popular but that's not stopping the guy from buying a similar set of ram.
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    With no idea of budget, what you do with your rig or what CPU you're running (going to run) would suggest the GSkill Ares 1600/9 as an entry level

    If more info available could provide a wider range of choices better scaled to your needs - hard to do something with nothing to work from
  5. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    What clock speed are you looking for?
    Do you want 4x 4GB or 2x 8GB?
    High profile (has a heat spreader) or low profile (will fit under most aftermarket CPU coolers)?

    As for brand, every brand offers a lifetime warranty.

    well the asus maximus vi impact only has two slots for ram i want it for gaming ex:bf3 on ultra
    this is the rig i want to build:
    intel i5 4670k $230
    nzxt respire t20 $30
    asus maximus vi impact $213
    adata xpg 256gb ssd $200
    western digital caviar black 1tb $85
    gigabyte gtx 770 windforce 4gb $450
    bitfenix prodigy white $60
    corsair gs800 $108
    asus BW-12b1st $75
    windows 7 ultimate $180
  6. A good set for your rig would be 16GB 2x8GB Snipers in 1866/9
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