What is a good website for finding a games system requirements?

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  1. I'd say it would be the website of whoever wrote or published the game.
  2. You can try "Can you run it?".

    They don't list every game ever made, but they do have a huge selection and is fairly accurate.

    Here's an example of me failing the Crysis 3 test.
    Seems the only thing I failed on is the ram. should still be able to run it at lowest possible settings

    Though nothing beats downloading a demo of the game (if possible) and testing it out.
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    i generally use GameDebate, they list the published requirements and also provide a tool to find out whether u can run the game and in what settings
  4. See @
    It is beautiful and useful.....
    It includes Cheats, System Requirements, Walkthroughs and many more.....
    Check it
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