Computer boots for a few seconds then cuts out

Hey guys got an issue I haven't been able to solve so any ideas or info would be much appreciated!

I had my build for about 5 months which worked fine before the problems started, didn't open the case or anything.

Then one day it wouldn't boot straight away, I would turn it on then the PSU and CPU fans would turn on for a couple of seconds then switch off again, it would be dead for a few more seconds and then it would then repeat itself over and over but after the 10th time the computer booted and worked fine.

The next time it wouldn't start at all would turn on for a few seconds then off, then back on and off again until I turn off the PSU using the switch.

I worked through the check list with no luck, and thought maybe it was the PSU so I bought a Corsair GS800 but it does the same thing.

My system is:
I7 3770K
Asrock extreme 4
Noctua nh-d14
Corsair vengeance lp x2 8GB
Gigabyte GTX 670
Samsung SSD

Tried just the PSU/CPU/CPUFan/mobo still the same problem. Checked all power connectors including fan and CPU.

Tried taking out the bios battery and pressing the reset CMOS button a few times same thing.

Got a horrible feeling that the mobo is broken, would prefer that then the CPU.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. My laptop did the same thing about 2 weeks ago I had it looked at and they said it was a dead motherboard
  2. Can you get into BIOS?

    Take the RAM out and unplug/reconnect everything. (as I'm sure you have already done)

    Can you boot into Windows Safemode? (spam the F8 key when the computer starts up)

    And lastly, put an OS onto a flash drive and try and boot from that. If it works then there is most likely a problem with the hard drive. Or a very small chance that the controller is broken on the motherboard. You can test by trying another hard drive to boot off of.

    If the flash drive boot doesn't work. Then it might be a problem with anything. Motherboard, CPU, or ram.
    I'm no IT specialist so I can't recommend any diagnostic software. I usually solve my problems by swapping parts out to find out what's wrong.

    If you have a laptop you can take the hard drive out and swap it with the one in you desktop. That is if both hard drives are SATA.

    Oh and before you do anything else take out that video card. It might be that as well. If so then your PSU might not be supplying enough juice.

    There are a lot of IFs here aren't there.
  3. Can't get into the bios or beyond that as it doesn't post. The extreme 4 comes with a LED display for error codes instead of beeps and this doesn't even come on.

    Tried just the mobo/cpu/psu so I think the problem is one of these, maybe not the psu as I tried a new one. Hopefully that narrows it down a bit.
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